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It is with great pleasure I congratulate SLIFA for the wonderful initiative and achievement in launching a new website, specially the commitment, hard work and understanding of the significance...

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Office Bearers

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    SLIFA President

    Mrs. Felicia Sallay
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    Vice President

    Mr. Dwatmaji Hanomanresi Didi

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    Vice President

    Mr. A.M.M. Amir

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    Ms Marleena Laxana

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    Mr. Fairley Thamel

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Information about Sri Lanka and Indonesia

slflag  Flag slemblem   Emblem inflag  Flag inlemblem  Emblem
Capital Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte (Administrative)
6°54′N79°54′E / 6.900°N 79.900°E
Capital Jakarta
6°10.5′S106°49.7′E / 6.1750°S 106.8283°E
Largest city Colombo Largest city Jakarta
Official languages Sinhala
Official languages Indonesian
Recognized English
Demonym Sri Lankan Demonym Indonesian
Government Unitarysemi-presidentialconstitutional republic Government Unitarypresidentialconstitutional republic
President Maithripala Sirisena President Joko Widodo
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe Vice President Jusuf Kalla
Speaker of the Parliament Karu Jayasuriya
Chief Justice K. Sripavan
Legislature Parliament Legislature People's Consultative Assembly
Upper house Regional Representative Council
Lower house People's Representative Council
Independence from the United Kingdom Independence from the Netherlands
Dominion 4 February 1948 Declared 17 August 1945
Republic 22 May 1972 Acknowledged 27 December 1949
Current constitution 7 September 1978
Area Total 65,610 km2 (122nd)
25,332 sq mi
Area Land
1,904,569 km2 (15th) 735,358 sq mi
Water (%) 4.4 Water (%) 4.85
Population 2012 census 20,277,597[2] (57th)
Density 323/km2 (40th)
836.6/sq mi
Population 2011 census 237,424,363[3] (4th)
Density 124.66/km2 (84th)
322.87/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2012 estimate
Total $127 billion[3] (64th)
Per capita $6,135[3] (111th)
GDP (PPP) 2013 estimate
Total $1.285 trillion[3] (15th)
Per capita $5,182[3] (124th)
GDP (nominal) 2012 estimate
Total $64.914 billion[3] (68th)
Per capita $3,139[3] (123rd)
GDP (nominal) 2013 estimate
Total $867.468 billion[3] (16th)
Per capita $3,499[3] (115th)
Currency Sri Lankan rupee (LKR) Currency Rupiah (Rp) (IDR)
Drives on the left Drives on the left
Calling code +94 Calling code +62
Time zone UTC+05:30 Time zone various (UTC+7 to +9)
Ethinicity (2011 census) Sinhalese:74.88%
Sri Lankan Tamils11.21%
Sri Lankan Moors 9.23%
Indian Tamils 4.16%
Sri Lankan Malay 0.20%
Burgher/Eurasian 0.18%
Others 0.14%
Ethnicity (BPS Official publication 2000) Javanese 41.65% Sundanese 15.41%
Madurese 3.37%
Minang Kabau 2.72%
Betawi 2.51%
Buginese 2.49%
Bantenese 2.05%
Banjarese 1.74%
Others 28.07%